Office of the Auditor General of Ontario / Bureau de la vérificatrice générale de l'Ontario
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Our Office is an approved training workplace for the three professional accounting bodies:

As a trainee, you will receive financial support, on-the-job and classroom training, and time off for study. We also offer excellent benefits to our trainees.

Financial Support

We reimburse trainees for many of the costs associated with obtaining their accounting designations. For example, provided certain conditions are met, we generally reimburse students 100% of the fees charged for: registration, study binders, and successful completion of program courses, examinations and preparation programs.

On-the-job and Classroom Training

The on-the-job training we offer meets the requirements of all three accounting programs. Our auditors conduct both attest and value-for-money audits, so you will obtain a wide range of experience very early in your career. You will be assigned progressively more responsibility as you obtain more experience and demonstrate your ability to meet the challenge of more advanced training. The knowledge and experience gained through our on-the-job training will give you a solid foundation for your future professional development. We also partner with CA firms for the tax experience required for the CA designation.

The Office also provides classroom training to complement your professional program and broaden the technical knowledge needed to carry out audit assignments. In the case of CA trainees, we usually partner with a large CA firm for our UFE training.

Time off for Study

We recognize that pursuing an accounting designation requires a great deal of time and effort. We therefore grant students time off work to attend courses and study for and take exams. This time off is a combination of paid time and leave without pay.

CA students are allowed time off for course final exams, the CKE, the School of Accountancy, the ESE, a UFE preparation program, and the UFE.

CGA students are allowed time off for examinations in all levels, including the PACE level.

CMA students are allowed time off for the CMA Entrance Examination.

Salary and Benefits

We offer trainees competitive salaries as well as the following benefits:

If your performance and attendance have been satisfactory, once you have successfully completed your training and receive your designation, you may be promoted to auditor with the approval of the Office's Senior Management Committee. For more details on what our Office offers to accounting professionals, visit Our Workplace page.

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