Our Team

The Office has approximately 105 staff, with most of our team holding or pursuing a Chartered Professional Accountant designation.

The Office’s audit staff are divided into teams according to specializations, or portfolios. Each portfolio consists of related audit entities comprising government ministries, Crown agencies, and public-sector grant-recipient organizations.

The portfolios, which are loosely based on the government's own organization into ministries, are each headed by a Director who oversees and is responsible for the ministry and agency audits within the assigned portfolio. Currently, we have the following portfolios:

  • Attest — Public Accounts
  • Attest — Crown Agencies (two portfolios)
  • Infrastructure, Environment and Economic Development
  • Social Services and Tax Revenue
  • Education
  • Health and Energy
  • Health
  • Justice, Regulatory and IT

We are organized in a way similar to a public accounting firm, in that our Portfolio Directors are assisted by a number of Managers, Supervisors and Auditors including students working towards a CPA designation.

The Office is also supported by a small team of proficient staff who are well qualified to provide services and expertise in such areas as Administration, Communications, Human Resources and Information Technology.

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