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photos of various audit reports
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Below you will find online versions of our Annual Reports and special reports. You can browse through them by year of publication or according to topics that interest you. You can also visit our Advanced Search page and enter a key word.

For information on reports from earlier years, please contact us at (416) 327-2381.

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Reports by Year

Reports by Topic

2015 Annual Report
News Releases
(December 2, 2015)

Community Care Access Centres—Financial Operations and Service Delivery
News Release
(September 23, 2015)

The Government’s Proposed Amendments to the Government Advertising Act, 2004
News Release
Qs and As
(May 12, 2015)

Winter Highway Maintenance
News Release
(April 29, 2015)

2014 Annual Report
News Releases
(December 9, 2014)

2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games Security
News Release
(November 26, 2014)

Education Sector Collective Agreements
(September 1, 2012–August 31, 2014)

News Release
(November 19, 2014)

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation's Modernization Plan
News Release
(April 28, 2014)

2013 Annual Report
News Releases
(December 10, 2013)

Divestment of Ontario Northland Transportation Commission
News Release
(December 10, 2013)

Oakville Power Plant Cancellation Costs
News Release
(October 8, 2013)

Mississauga Power Plant Cancellation Costs
News Release
(April 15, 2013)

2012 Annual Report
News Releases
(December 12, 2012)

Ornge Air Ambulance and Related Services
News Release
(March 21, 2012)

2011 Annual Report
News Releases
(December 5, 2011)

The Auditor General's Review of the 2011 Pre-Election Report on Ontario's Finances
News Release
(June 28, 2011)

2010 Annual Report
News Releases
(December 6, 2010)

Consultant Use in Selected Health Organizations
News Release
(October 20, 2010)

OLG's Employee Expense Practices
News Release
(June 1, 2010)

2009 Annual Report
News Releases
(December 7, 2009)

Ontario's Electronic Health Records Initiative
News Release
(October 7, 2009)

2008 Annual Report
News Releases
(December 8, 2008)

Prevention and Control of Hospital-acquired Infections
News Release
(September 29, 2008)

AgriCorp—Farm Support Programs (Special Report for the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs)
News Release
(July 15, 2008)

Follow-up of 2006 Audits of the Child Welfare Services Program and Four Children's Aid Societies — Special Report for the Minister of Children and Youth Services
News Release
(January 29, 2008)

2007 Annual Report
News Release
(December 11, 2007)

Year-end Grants Provided by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration — Special Review for the Premier of Ontario
News Release
(July 26, 2007)

The Auditor General's Review of the 2007 Pre-Election Report on Ontario's Finances
News Release
(June 18, 2007)

The Bruce Power Refurbishment Agreement — Special Review for the Minister of Energy
(April 5, 2007)

2006 Annual Report
(December 5, 2006)

2005 Annual Report
(December 6, 2005)

2004 Annual Report
(November 30, 2004)

Intensive Early Intervention Program for Children with Autism (Report on the Review for the Standing Committee on Public Accounts)
(November 4, 2004)

2003 Annual Report
(December 2, 2003)

2002 Annual Report
(December 3, 2002)

2001 Annual Report
(November 29, 2001)

2000 Annual Report
(December 5, 2000)

Special Report on Accountability and Value for Money
(November 21, 2000)

1999 Annual Report
(November 16, 1999)

1998 Annual Report
(November 3, 1998)

Year 2000: The Millennium Bug
(June 16, 1998)

1997 Annual Report
(November 25, 1997)

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Business Services and Economic Development

Central Government Services

Community Services

Culture and Citizenship

Economy, Taxation, and Revenue

Education and Training






Municipal Affairs (and Housing)

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