2000 Annual Report

The Annual Report, required by the Auditor General Act, includes value-for-money audits of Ontario public-sector and broader-public-sector programs, and our observations on the attest audits of the Public Accounts. It also includes reports and reviews required under other legislation or undertaken at the Auditor General’s discretion.

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Tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on December 5, 2000.

Chapter 1: Public Accounts of the Province (pdf 110kb)

Chapter 2: The Office of the Provincial Auditor (pdf 110kb)

Chapter 3: The Standing Committee on Public Accounts (pdf 54kb)

Exhibit 1: Value for Money Audits and Reviews Conducted in 1999/2000 (pdf 22kb)

Exhibit 2: Agencies of the Crown (pdf 28kb)

Exhibit 3: Crown-controlled Corporations (pdf 22kb)

Exhibit 4: Treasury Board Orders (pdf 41kb)

Exhibit 5: Extracts from the Audit Act (pdf 37kb)

Special Report on Accountability and Value for Money (2000)

Tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on November 21, 2000.

Chapter 1: Overview (pdf 100kb)

Chapter 2: Towards Better Accountability (pdf 53kb)

Chapter 3: Reports on Value for money Audits and Reviews

Chapter 4: Follow-up of Recommendations in the 1998 Annual Report (pdf 313kb)

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