Our Workplace

The Office offers a unique opportunity to serve the public interest in a challenging and rewarding professional environment. Our qualified staff of accounting professionals use their skills and experience to identify ways the government can manage its programs better and be more accountable to the legislature and the public.

Read what our trainees have to say about our workplace:

“The question is, why wouldn't you want to work for the Office of the Auditor General? The people are great, as is the Office's location (we are right across from the Eaton Centre). The Office of the Auditor General offers a very supportive environment for students—the staff are very accommodating with respect to my study schedule, and students who have recently passed the UFE are here to offer you advice. The Office also provides an opportunity to evaluate pursuing a career in public service, through the experience we gain visiting different ministries at different locations and completing value-for-money audits.”

“The Office held a recruitment session a year before I graduated from York University, and at that time I was just weighing all my options. During the session the Office seemed very competitive with the four big firms in terms of salary, study leave and preparation programs to obtain the CA designation. What caught my eye the most was the opportunity to provide a valuable service to the public by making sure money funded by taxpayers is spent efficiently, economically and effectively. The Office is a very stress-free environment to work in, and management is very supportive, encouraging and committed to helping ensure that trainees obtain their professional accounting designation.”

“Working at the Office of the Auditor General has provided me with an opportunity to develop my own learning style and progress towards my own career goals. The staff has been supportive of my obtaining my accounting designation and encourages further progress in my career. My experience here has been interesting, challenging and rewarding.”

“As in many private accounting firms, trainees receive a competitive salary along with supplementary training for the CKE and UFE from the best instructors. However, there are two aspects of our Office that distinguish it from other firms: time and work atmosphere. Here at this Office, we operate on a schedule that, though it is fairly regulated, can be personalized according to your preferences. As for work atmosphere, I work with a great group of people. From the top to the bottom, everyone is very approachable. I would describe the atmosphere in this Office as relaxed yet professional, which is something I enjoy.”

If you are a student working towards a professional accounting designation, we offer you the opportunity to join the Office as a trainee. For details on our trainee program, visit Our Trainee Program page.

If you have a professional accounting designation, we invite you to apply for an Auditor or Supervisor position, depending on your qualifications.



Teamwork and Advancement Opportunities

Our audits are performed by teams headed by highly experienced Portfolio Directors. As a team member, you may work as a Manager, Supervisor, Auditor or Trainee alongside other qualified and talented professionals. You will have the opportunity to develop auditing expertise while carrying out assignments that cover the entire spectrum of Ontario government programs and services. While most of our audit assignments are in the Greater Toronto Area (the Office is in the Atrium building at the intersection of Yonge and Dundas streets in Toronto), a number of assignments do require some limited out-of-town travel.

We also offer opportunities for all professional staff to advance to middle and senior management positions within the Office.



Work Values

Our legislative auditing work values are:

  • serving the public interest;
  • independence and objectivity;
  • trust and integrity;
  • commitment to excellence; and
  • leading by example.

We apply these values to identify ways to help the government improve its economy, efficiency, effectiveness and performance. As a result, we contribute to better-managed government programs and better accountability to the Legislature and the public.



Work Environment

Our Office environment supports the personal needs and goals of employees. It is:

  • Flexible — We offer a compressed work week.
  • Respectful — We value diversity in our workforce. You will find a friendly and collegial atmosphere in all areas of the Office.
  • Comfortable — We have a business casual dress policy for everyday office work (formal business dress is required for certain meetings with clients or the public).
  • Stimulating — We are committed to ongoing professional development of all our staff. Our professional development program enables staff to broaden their knowledge and to sharpen their technical and managerial skills. We offer periodic in-house group courses of interest to staff, and employees are invited to apply to attend specialized courses and conferences offered by outside professional associations. In addition, through working on audit teams, you will improve your skills in communication, team-building, analysis and problem-solving.
  • Up-to-date — We are equipped with excellent IT tools to enhance your work and ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Challenging — Our value-for-money (VFM) audit work, in particular, requires significant professional and business-oriented judgement and strong interpersonal skills. Our mix of VFM and attest audits provides a variety of experience not always found in an audit-oriented environment.




For classified, permanent staff, our benefits in the following areas are generous and competitive. We offer:

  • Vacation
  • Sick leave
  • Pregnancy and parental leaves
  • Group insurance plans (life, income protection, health and dental)
  • Pension