What Is the Standing Committee on Public Accounts?

The Standing Committee on Public Accounts is one of nine standing committees in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Each of these committees is composed of a small group of MPPs who examine selected matters in greater depth than is possible in sittings of the full Assembly. For more information about these committees, and for transcripts of their meetings, visit the Ontario Legislature’s website www.ola.org.



What Does the Public Accounts Committee Do?

The Standing Committee on Public Accounts reviews and holds public hearings on selected sections of the Auditor General’s Annual Report. Representatives from the relevant ministries, agencies or organizations in the broader-public sector attend these hearings. It also examines Ontario’s Public Accounts and any special reports issued by the Auditor General. Issues of interest to the Committee include the economy and efficiency of government and broader-public-sector operations, and the effectiveness of government programs in achieving their objectives. Typically, the Committee meets weekly while the Assembly is in session. You can find a more detailed description of the Committee and its work in The Standing Committee on Public Accounts of our 2021 Annual Report.



How Does the Auditor General Interact With the Public Accounts Committee?

The Auditor General attends Committee meetings to answer questions about her audit reports and to help the Committee with its work. The Committee issues Reports and recommendations based on its examinations of the Auditor General’s Annual and Special Reports, and on the province’s Public Accounts. The Auditor General also includes a summary of the Committee’s work in her Annual Report. Under the Auditor General Act, the Committee may also ask the Auditor General to examine any matter about the Public Accounts, or undertake a special assignment on its behalf.



Who Are the Members of the Public Accounts Committee?

The Committee is composed of a small group of MPPs, with each political party in the Assembly represented according to its representation in the Legislature. Current members of the Committee are:

  • Chair: Taras Natyshak (New Democratic Party of Ontario)
  • Vice-Chair: Christine Hogarth (Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario)
  • Deepak Anand (Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario)
  • Toby Barrett (Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario)
  • Jessica Bell (New Democratic Party of Ontario)
  • Stephen Blais (Ontario Liberal Party)
  • Stephen Crawford (Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario)
  • Rudy Cuzzetto (Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario)
  • Michael Mantha (New Democratic Party of Ontario)
  • Michael Parsa (Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario)
  • Amarjot Sandhu (Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario)