Below you will find online versions of our Annual Report sections. You can browse through each section of the publication or quickly link to another Topic from the Index list.

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Ontario Energy Board—Natural Gas Regulation: Follow-Up (pdf 169kb)

Smart Metering Initiative: Follow-Up (Ministry of Energy) (pdf 213kb)

Smart Metering Initiative: Follow-Up on Public Accounts Committee Report (pdf 125kb)


Electricity Power System Planning (Ministry of Energy) (pdf 551kb)

Hydro One—Management of Electricity Transmission and Distribution Assets (pdf 380kb)

Ontario Power Generation Human Resources: Follow-up (Ontario Power Generation) (pdf 163kb)


Ontario Energy Board—Natural Gas Regulation (pdf 309kb)

Smart Metering Initiative (Ministry of Energy) (pdf 676kb)


Electricity Sector—Regulatory Oversight: Follow-up (Ontario Energy Board) (pdf 171kb)

Electricity Sector—Renewable Energy Initiatives: Follow-up (Ministry of Energy) (pdf 235kb)

Electricity Sector—Stranded Debt: Follow-up (Ministry of Finance) (pdf 208kb)

Mississauga Power Plant Cancellation Costs (Special Report) (pdf 363kb)

Oakville Power Plant Cancellation Costs (Special Report) (pdf 499kb)

Ontario Power Generation Human Resources (Ontario Power Generation) (pdf 705kb)


Electricity Sector—Regulatory Oversight (Ontario Energy Board) (pdf 809kb)

Electricity Sector—Renewable Energy Initiatives (Ministry of Energy) (pdf 596kb)

Electricity Sector—Stranded Debt (Ministry of Finance) (pdf 182kb)


Hydro One Inc.—Acquisition of Goods and Services: Follow-up (pdf 242kb)

Ontario Power Generation—Acquisition of Goods and Services: Follow-up (pdf 208kb)


The Bruce Power Refurbishment Agreement (Special Review for the Minister of Energy) (pdf 1.6Mb)


Hydro One Inc.—Acquisition of Goods and Services (pdf 277kb)

Ontario Power Generation—Acquisition of Goods and Services (pdf 244kb)


Conservation and Prevention Division: Follow-up (Ministry of Environment and Energy) (pdf 436kb)


Conservation and Prevention Division (Ministry of Environment and Energy) (pdf 122kb)

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