Our Team

The Office has approximately 150 staff, with many holding or pursuing a Chartered Professional Accountant designation or graduate and post-graduate degrees.

The Office’s audit staff are divided into teams according to specializations, or portfolios, as follows:

  • Education, Colleges and Universities
  • Health
  • Energy, Justice and Regulatory
  • Environment
  • Information Technology
  • Infrastructure and Economic Development
  • Social Services and Transportation
  • Cross-Ministry and Recommendation Follow-Up
  • Attest — Public Accounts
  • Attest — Crown Agencies

We are organized similarly to a public accounting firm, in that our Portfolio Directors are assisted by a number of Managers, Supervisors and Auditors, including students working toward a CPA designation. Many of our employees have specialized degrees relevant to our work, including environmental auditing.

The Office is also supported by a small team of proficient staff who are well qualified to provide services and expertise in such areas as Administration, Communications, Human Resources and Information Technology.